Drew Fate: Chapter 1 | Rise of the Cumulains

Drew Fate
Rise of the Cumulains

By L.K. Wyatt

Prologue-The Meeting

One starless night, atop a great cloud, stood four dark figures staring down at Earth.
“We have to stop it,”one of the figures said. He was a tall man, with dark skin and shortish brown hair dancing about on his head in the strong wind. The man wore a white shirt under his military jacket, and his matching pants stuck to his muscular legs in the cloud. This was Hawk. He stood with his head high, no matter the circumstance.
“We can’t let Wintler send a huge monster to the middle of New York City,” Hawk continued, looking around at his peers.
“What if we erase the humans memory again? It can’t be so bad,” asked another figure, this one was a woman. Her name was Papillon, and she might as well be the most beautiful woman alive. She had the smoothest olive skin, with raven black hair that stayed still, despite the rough wind. Her full lips were ruby red, and slightly heart shaped. She wore a long purple dress that magically flowed in slow motion. On her dainty feet, were soft, dry, black slippers.
“Humans have advanced since then, Papillon. Now they would broadcast the news to the rest of the world. They’ve finally caught up with us! Haha!” laughed a third person. This person was named Thorne. He had shaggy dirty blond hair, and grayish blue eyes. He was wearing a fancy black suit with matching black dress shoes that were being destroyed in the damp cloud.
“So what do we do?” asked Papillon in her singsong voice.
“Fllafle? Do you have anything to say about this? A new prophecy perhaps?” Hawk asked, directing his attention on the last person. Fllafle. Not falafel.
The woman… actually, let’s call her a girl. Woman doesn’t fit. The girl looked up from looking down on earth below her. She had horrifically messy blond ponytails on either side of her head. She was cross eyed, one of her eyes was blue, the other gold. She was wearing a green minecraft shirt, a tutu she got from the 1970’s, leopard print leggings with the left leg messily rolled up to her knee. Oh, and she was partially mad, at times.
Fllafle nodded. Then she closed her eyes, and lifted two feet above the ground. Her eyes opened suddenly, now both glowing circles of white. She opened her mouth, and her voice was heard everywhere, but her jaw never moved.
“Drew Robert Fate of Mesa, Arizona, is the only thing in existence capable of defeating Wintler and his monsterssss,”Fllafle hissed. “But to win, he must make great sacrifices.”
Ya. Fllafle can give prophecies.
As soon as she closed her mouth, she dropped to the cloud, her eyes returning to normal, or, like they were before.
Thorne scrunched his nose. “And who is this Drew Fate? A fourteen year old?”
Papillion knelt down and placed her hand on the puffy cloud, and a portion of it lit up with an image of a teenage boy sitting up in a bed watching Youtube on a new phone. He had shaggy, dirty blond hair, bright green eyes, and he was wearing a  blue button-up pajama shirt, and matching pants. It was Drew.
His room was the average messy room a young man should have. A few random articles of clothing strewn about the room, a desk tucked away in the corner with unfinished homework in a ‘neat’ pile in the middle of it. On the wall hung a framed cover of Abbey Road by the Beatles.
A small dresser under the window was crammed with underclothes, pants, shorts, and a pillowcase of candy from a few months ago. Two electric guitars, and one non-electric one, hung above the bed.
“I think so,”Papillion sighed, looking at Drew.
“So this is the hero? A two year old human?” Thorne was not impressed. “But if he is the only one, when do we send him to the future battleground?”
“Thorne! Seriously? He is only fourteen. Give him some sympathy,” Papillion ranted, then retreated to the edge of the cloud.
“Thorne’s right, Papillion. He may be our only chance,” Hawk sighed, just as unhappy about it as Papillion.
Fllafle decided to randomly give predictions about the future. So she said, “Papillion and Thorne will never stop fighting.” and “I will eat a sandwich.”
As Papillion and Thorne fought, Hawk tuned out and stared out into the horizon. Then his expression changed from annoyance to fear. He was watching Drew, for Hawk could see anything(so much for privacy.)in the world. And he had realized…
“Wait, if this Drew is an earthian-”Hawk said.
“Human,”Thorne interrupted.
“Yes, yes. But this means that…”Hawk stopped speaking, and Fllafle spared him the words.
“We have to take him away from his life, and never let him go back.”

Chapter 1-Birthday
Drew Robert Fate walked down the steps of Pinetop High. Finally. The day was over. He had taken three tests and ran five miles in one day. Why?!
“Hey! Drew!” someone called out. It was Britney, Drew’s almost best friend, and -secretly- his crush.
Britney had light brown hair down to her waist, with beautiful hazel eyes. Her face was full of freckles that spread down to her fingers. Britney was wearing a gray shirt with a golden owl on it, a jean jacket, yellow capris, and white sneakers. The charms on her backpack jangled as she jogged over to Drew.
“Hi Britney. I got a C+ in that test I studied for all week,”Drew responded.
“Why do you always say that?”
“Why not?”
“I guess you're right.”
Britney laughed. It was a beautiful laugh. Her voice jangled in the air, causing a few students to stop and stare before continuing on with their day.

“Oh! Happy birthday. I made this for you,”Britney said, excited. She handed Drew a small box with his name on the top. Drew smiled and opened the box.
It was a guitar pick. She had carved it from wood herself, then drawn a cursive D in permanent marker. It was perfect.
“Britney. This is awesome. Thank you!” Drew exclaimed.
“Anytime, Drew.”
Drew smiled. Britney smiled back.
“I’d better go home, you know. To study for the next test,” Drew sighed, sad to leave.
“It’s ok. I understand.”Britney’s shoulders slumped ever so slightly. Drew didn’t notice.
Drew started the long walk home. He loved his family, but he really did not want to just walk away from Britney, especially when she had given him such an amazing present. He rubbed the pick in between his thumb and index finger. It was sanded. The marker didn’t smudge. That girl was so amazing, but why?
When drew got home, his mom told him to wash his hands and then come to the kitchen. When Drew got to the kitchen, the table was covered in eight presents of various sizes.
“Happy birthday! These are from your grandparents on both sides. Each grandparent got you two presents!” Drew’s mom shouted over Kimmy, Drew’s little sister, singing to ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen. Drew smiled.
“Thanks, mom.”
“You’re welcome, pick.” Drew’s mom had given him the nickname ‘Pick’ because he loved to play the guitar, and because she wanted to call him something other than his name, and something that didn’t have to do with food.
Drew took the presents to his room, two at a time. He would open them the next time he saw his grandparents.
He plopped himself on the bed and examined his new pick.
“Britney is awesome,”Drew sighed. When he finished his homework, he went out for dinner. His sister sang him happy birthday as he opened her present. It was a blue My Little Pony shirt. Drew grumbled, his parents laughed.
“We’ll get you a new shirt tomorrow, Drew, ”Drew’s dad whispered in his son’s ear.
“Thanks dad.” Drew was very tired all of a sudden. He said that he would go to bed.
“Ok, but make sure to set your alarm,”Drew’s mom yelled back at him.
“K, mom.”


Drew woke up in the middle of the night, in cold sweat. He had had no dream,and was covered was blankets, but he was still shivering. He threw on a jacket, and wrote a note to his parents that he had gone on a walk. It was something that his parents didn’t mind him doing, as long as he left a note of about how long he would be gone, and where he was walking to.
He quietly opened the front door and stepped outside. He shivered. Should he go back inside? No. he needed a walk right now, or else he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep later.
He checked for the pocket knife in his coat pocket. It was still there, good. Drew started his walk. He was going to the nearest park, not to far.
Drew hummed All You Need is Love, by the Beatles, as he walked. When he turned a corner, he saw a figure walking his way.
The person stopped.
Drew stopped.
The figure slowly inched forward. It placed a foot into the light.
“Hello?” Drew asked, deming it safe to speak. The person relaxed. “Who are you?
“You know me, silly. I’ll give you a clue. Blerb.” It was Britney.
“Britney! What are you doing out here?”
“Couldn’t sleep. I was just coming back from the park.”
The two friends walked closer to each other. Now they were at arm's length.
“How about we finish the walk together?”Britney suggested. Drew couldn’t help but agree. As they walked they talked about random things, like how much tobacco sucks, and how awesome the Beatles were.
“The sky’s pretty tonight. Look at that cloud!”Britney exclaimed, pointing to a cloud above them that seemed to be growing bigger. It wasn’t until they felt a chill that they realized, it wasn’t growing bigger, it was getting closer!
Britney screamed, and tried to pull Drew away from the cloud, which was sparking with lightning and electricity, but he couldn’t move. He tried to throw himself out of the way, but his feet stayed stuck to the ground.
“Go, Britney!” Drew yelled.
“No!” Britney blerted.
“No, Drew!”
Drew finally gave in and took Britney’s hand. The cloud wrapped around them and dragged them up, up, up away to the sky.